Why Use Heat to Kill Bed Bugs?

Because it kills all the bed bugs including the eggs.

Because it penetrates deep into the walls and furniture, killing the bed bugs hiding inside.

Because it requires much less preparation from the resident before service than a chemical treatment.

Because it is done in one visit - there is no need for a follow-up service (or two, or three), and there is no living out of bags between services.

Bed bugs are resistant to the pesticides we have available to use against them.  What this means in practice is that spray treatments can be done over and over and over again, with poor results.

We know this very well and at Assured Thermal Solutions if we need to do a "standard treatment" we do not just rely on pesticides.  We also use non-chemical dusts, steamers, vacuums, and traps, bed bug proof encasements and hard work in our Integrated Pest Management treatment tool box.

However, nothing beats heat!


Most Standard Treatments

Heat takes 6-8 hours

30 minutes to 1.5 hours

Heat takes one visit

At least 2 visits, probably 3 or 4, maybe even more!

100% elimination

Bed Bug Eggs not killed

100% elimination

Bugs in walls not killed

100% elimination

Bugs deep in furniture not killed

100% elimination

Bugs hiding in clutter not killed

100% elimination

Bugs still feeding on you after the treatments!

Very fast preparations

Crushing amounts of preparations required by residents

No toxic chemicals

Residual chemicals left behind

If bed bugs are biting you in Vancouver, Victoria, the Fraser Valley or anywhere in British Columbia, call Assured Thermal Solutions now!

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