Bed Bug Dog Inspections

Assured Thermal Solutions offers Bed Bug Canine Scent Detection services to help find your bed bugs! 

K9 bed bug inspectors go through rigorous training similar to that of bomb and drug detection dogs. In addition, our bed bug dog handlers are also highly trained bed bug inspectors.  With our K9 Assisted Inspection Service we use the power of the dog's nose plus we also visually inspect, interview you and fully assess your situation.

Meet Debit, our bed bug dog:


Debit is a young Rat Terrier cross who was rescued from a shelter in Kansas City, KS. He was selected to be a bed bug sniffing dog because he had a high drive to work and a great nose. He received hundreds of hours of training over a six month period at one of only two NESDCA accredited facilities in the US. Debit receives reinforcement training with live bed bugs every single day!

Why don't we rely solely on the bed bug sniffing dog? There are a few reasons:

1. Dogs are not 100% accurate (and neither are us humans!). By combining both you get the best of both worlds. The best bed bug dogs are highly trained to detect only the odour of live bed bugs.  Our human inspectors can see and properly identify bed bug droppings, cast skins, and dead bugs - critical evidence that the dog would ignore.

2. Dogs cannot access all areas all of the time. Take a cluttered room or closet for example. If the dog cannot access the area, obviously he cannot sniff it. Our dog handler/human inspectors can inspect areas the dog can't access and find potential signs of bed bugs or the bugs themselves.  In addition there are sometimes cats or dogs in the home,

Canine bed bug scent detection is an involved "art" (although there is a lot of science behind it).  It involves the scent picture of the item (whether it's drugs, bombs, or bed bugs), the availability of the odour, the ability of the dog, the handling of the dog and how the team (dog and human) work together. 

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